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Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn is an actual play podcast about relationships, adventure and stories assisted by games. Telling stories is fun, and telling stories with friends is better. Five people telling stories over the internet is apparently a valid hobby too.

Follow the cast of Blue Dawn through fantastic worlds--flourishing life atop ruins, horrors untold, and hidden magic just on the other side of familiar. Journey with them as they venture to strange lands, meet interesting people, and maybe crack a few goofs. Who knows? Stay a while and listen.

Jan 9, 2018

In these trying times, sometimes you just need to get away. And there is no better retreat than the circus! Come rest, relax, and recharge those batteries at our own little slice of heaven, all hidden away. Catch up with friends, meet like minded individuals, or just rest up to get to your personal best!


When the...

Dec 26, 2017

We've been having a fine time at the circus all season, but for some of you IT'S JUST NOT ENOUGH! This Tuesday,as part of a limited time exhibit Manic is proud to present a never before seen look BEHIND the curtain, as it were, BACKSTAGE AT THE CIRCUS!


SEE our animal trainers at work! STUDY UP with expert designers...

Dec 12, 2017

It’s Family week at Vermillion U! Time to reunite with loved ones you haven’t seen in ages, and maybe show them what you’ve been working on!


Family week includes an orientation in our main theater, and special services for our visiting guests in the chapel of Margnos on the ground floor, but don’t worry, most...

Nov 28, 2017

Everyone loves the Circus, but it’s even better with a friend! Whether it’s an old face you haven’t seen in ages or a new friend, Manic’s by far the only *real* place for a get together. Get the whole gang together and come to the most happening event in Lionhelm this year! Manic hosts a veritable hoard of live,...

Nov 14, 2017

Nature comes alive this week in Manic! Bring the whole family, and learn of the magic of the world around you! Enjoy the quiet charm of a miniature farm style petting zoo in the traditional fashion, see the primal strength of the KING OF THE BIG TOP, and, for a limited time, YOU TOO can take part in the grand safari,...