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Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn is an actual play podcast about relationships, adventure and stories assisted by games. Telling stories is fun, and telling stories with friends is better. Five people telling stories over the internet is apparently a valid hobby too.

Follow the cast of Blue Dawn through fantastic worlds--flourishing life atop ruins, horrors untold, and hidden magic just on the other side of familiar. Journey with them as they venture to strange lands, meet interesting people, and maybe crack a few goofs. Who knows? Stay a while and listen.

Apr 17, 2018

MS LUISE HARLOUX, narrating as she writes: Of course, these days, our mother has given as much of herself to her new love as the theater will take.


MS LUISE HARLOUX: of course, even calling that roving band of glorified carnival workers “theater” is an insult to SOMEONE, I’m sure. Those hoodlums get a stooge to...

Apr 3, 2018

(An excerpt from Mr. Desmond’s Funny Holiday by authors unknown, act 3 scene 2.  Connoisseurs of comedy will appreciate the unreliable narration and graphic violence.)


THE FUNNY MR. DESMOND helpfully sits at his little table in front of the MEAN OLD JUDGE. All the BUSY BODIES around do not appreciate his silly...

Mar 20, 2018

(Scene from the unaired pilot episode of “Solve a Clue!” by Maniac Laminated Television. Television ratings specify that this media includes gore, body horror, and graphic situations)

Inside an interrogation room, COP paces with nervous energy, ROBBER sits calmly at the table


COP: Well, isn’t this a delightful...

Mar 6, 2018

(an excerpt from Act Two Scene One of “MELODIES OF ANGELINE DUCHY”, written by Augustus T.W. Startleborne esq. Sensitive readers may note themes of unreliable storytelling, and the implication of possible drugging or abduction in the work.)


THE BARON ARCHDUKE L’ANGELINE walks centerstage, slowly gesturing to his...

Feb 20, 2018

Hey friends!


Just about everyone loves the circus, and it’s even MORE fun with a buddy! fnq, Why not take advantage of our ‘Friendly’ group rates?gur cbrg'f jbeqf? Have a rolicing good time at our favorite shows, ALL back by popular demand, treat yourself to the delicious treats our wonderful circus is serving...